Terms & Conditions
Spamming and Misrepresentation: Spamming (sending unsolicited, commercial email) concerning THUNDER ACCESS NEWS products or services is strictly prohibited. Verified spamming complaints may result in cancellation of your THUNDER ACCESS NEWS status. Furthermore, any misrepresentation about THUNDER ACCESS NEWS may also result in cancellation of your THUNDER ACCESS NEWS status. In the event there is a potential problem, the NEWS REPORTER may have their status placed in suspension (or cancelled) at the sole discretion of THUNDER ACCESS NEWS until the matter is resolved. Several attempts will be made to the THUNDER ACCESS NEWS REPORTER in order to resolve any issues.

Income Claims: NO INCOME CLAIMS may be made about the THUNDER ACCESS NEWS program. Royalties, if any, are all based on retail subscription sales, advertising and your skill as a REPORTER. In other words, if there are no retail sales (or viral outreach retail sales), there are no content-royalties. YOU CANNOT use such claims as: Make up to $200,000 per month (or any other dollar amount pertaining to royalties). ANY income claims could also be subject to a court order from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to prove such claims. In the event there is a potential problem, the REPORTER may have their status placed in suspension (or cancelled) at the sole discretion of THUNDER ACCESS NEWS until the matter is resolved. Several attempts will be made to contact the THUNDER ACCESS NEWS REPORTER in order to resolve any issues.

Inviting People/Reporters: There are NO royalties paid for inviting people or reporters to the THUNDER ACCESS NEWS program. Royalties are only paid on subscription retail sales and for watching, reading or listening to metered news. You can invite or "recruit" all day long, but you'll never get paid for it.

Reporter Status Upgrade: From time-to-time for promotional purposes, THUNDER ACCESS NEWS may issue a Reporter Status Upgrade at no charge or other consideration. Should this occur with someone in your news organization, there will be no retail sale created. However, Viral Outreachâ„¢ retail sales generated from the "insert" can generate other content royalty checks.

No Consideration: I understand that anyone of legal age may sign-up and use THUNDER ACCESS NEWS without consideration. NO purchase necessary. In other words, YOU DO NOT have to purchase any subscription, product or service to maintain your reporter status for THUNDER ACCESS NEWS if you wish to do so.

Optional Tracking and Management Services: If you choose NOT to pay for "services rendered" (an upgraded reporter subscription or intership), you may perform them yourself or contract with another company to provide them for you. These services include: Tech support, tracking of reporter activation and sign-up process, reporter approval status, ongoing consultation and implementation of various products and services to end-users (reporters). Furthermore, as with any retail item, if you choose NOT to purchase our "reporter upgrade subscription" program, management services or other products and services provided by THUNDER ACCESS NEWS, you will NOT have access to them.

Refunds: Our products, reporter status and software are digital goods sold "as is." therefore, there are NO REFUNDS AND ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you're not 100% sure about purchasing a THUNDER ACCESS NEWS REPORTER upgrade subscription, don't buy it. We PREFER you do your due-diligence.

Customer Data: I understand that I maintain full-ownership of my content. I also fully agree that from time-to-time, there may be external communications sent to the THUNDER ACCESS NEWS database for promotional reasons, in which my content may be used. Customer data will NOT be sold or rented to any third-party entity.

Product Inventory: Once you purchase a THUNDER ACCESS NEWS upgrade subscription, any additional subscription inventory is strictly on a "consignment" basis only. The risk is solely on THUNDER ACCESS NEWS as they must have the "consigned inventory" available 24/7/365 on demand.

Payments Received: As a THUNDER ACCESS NEWS paid subscriber, I understand that any and all payments paid to THUNDER ACCESS NEWS are complete and final. There are NO REFUNDS or chargebacks.

Subscription Cancellations: You may cancel your THUNDER ACCESS NEWS subscription at anytime.

Each THUNDER ACCESS NEWS "News Organization" has a maximum "content royalty" payout of $4,000,000 per-month.

I understand that, as a THUNDER ACCESS NEWS reporter, I am an independent contractor, responsible for ALL my own expenses and taxes on my royalties (IF ANY). I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner, in accordance with current THUNDER ACCESS NEWS rules and regulations and amendments thereto as issued from time to time in writing by THUNDER ACCESS NEWS. My acceptance by THUNDER ACCESS NEWS does not create an employer-employee relationship, franchise or joint venture or with THUNDER ACCESS NEWS (its employees, principals, affiliates or marketing representatives), nor does it confer any consideration whatsoever upon THUNDER ACCESS NEWS (its employees, principals, affiliates, marketing representatives or other account executives). Any conclusion to the contrary, by others, would clearly be contradictory to the intent of the parties hereto and work as a remaking of this agreement. You must be 18 years or older to participate in the THUNDER ACCESS NEWS program.

THUNDER ACCESS NEWS subscribers, users, watchers, listeners or readers agree not to hold THUNDER ACCESS NEWS or any of its subscribers, reporters or contributors liable either directly or indirectly for loss of benefits, loss of opportunity, loss of services, loss of expenses or any other consideration. THUNDER ACCESS NEWS terms, conditions, benefits, and reporter program are subject to change at anytime.

THUNDER ACCESS NEWS advertised products and services. If you're thinking about an evaluation or purchase of these products, services or business models, please do your own "due diligence" first. We are NOT responsible for the actions or misrepresentations directly or indirectly of any other individuals or company products or services.

THUNDER ACCESS NEWS reporters, subscribers or users cannot report anything derogatory or harmful about THUNDER ACCESS NEWS. Doing so may forfeit reporter status and all future royalties.

THUNDER ACCESS NEWS is a social network outreach program. When content is viewed and subscriptions purchased, royalties are paid based on volume of views and subscriptions purchased.

THUNDER ACCESS NEWS or any of its intellectual property, patents, proprietary software, trademarks or copyrights may NOT be licensed, sub-licensed, assigned or transferred for any purpose without WRITTEN permission from THUNDER ACCESS NEWS. Trademarks: I fully agree that trademarks claimed by THUNDER ACCESS NEWS seen throughout the THUNDER ACCESS NEWS website are proprietary trademarks of their respective owners.

I fully understand that by registering or using any of the THUNDER ACCESS NEWS or news feed, products or services, constitutes full acceptance of ALL terms and conditions herein. Void where prohibited by law.

Updated 05/13/2016
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