Great For Newscasters, Reporters & Celebrities!
Let's Say You're a News Person at a Media Source. You can use Thunder Access™ to promote the source you work for now and also get additional attention for YOURSELF! If you own or manage a media source, what a great way to give your employees a raise without YOU coming out-of-pocket (unless you want too). Plus, it will give you (the media source) greater exposure. Celebrities can use Thunder Access™ to promote their upcoming events and any new merchandise or fan club content they want. Think of it as another way to monetize your fan-base.

Media: The primary reason you'll want to use Thunder Access™ right along with Twitter and Facebook (you'll want to put Thunder Access first of course), is that you can get paid from your content with us and, get paid on other people's content from any other media source (or anyone for that matter), you invited into your "news organization." Everyone in the media knows other people in the media and so on. This can make YOUR Viral Outreach™ into the thousands fast & furious.

Celebrities: Many celebrities have fan clubs and followers (large and small). So why would you want to push Thunder Access™ hard? Because it helps MONETIZE your fan-base (even in your retirement years). Whenever you communicate with your fan-base, your content-royalties can get larger. If you already have an existing fan-base either on an email list or other social media, use that media to get more people in your "news organization." PLUS, all celebrities know other celebrities and so on. This can make your Viral Outreach™ into the thousands fast & furious.

PLUS ... If you create a free promo for Thunder Access™ you can use YOUR "Give Me Some Thunder" #address and anything else you might have coming up you'd want your fans to know about. And of course, we'll give you extra exposure for doing that.

Let Our News Network Promote Your Media Source or Fan-Base!

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