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Virtually Any Business, Business Consultant, Coach and so on, can report (post in a news format), content and link to their product, service or company so our audience can get more information.

Did You Know You Can Profit From Competitors With Our Program?
If you upgrade to "Reporter Status" and invite competitors (or someone else in your news organization invites a competitor), you can receive ongoing content-royalties as the competitor promotes THEIR product or service through Thunder Access™ News.

Example: Let's say you're in a nutrition company. But you know 15 people in another nutrition company. You tell those 15 people to sign-up (free), in Thunder Access™ News because they can use it to promote THEIR company.

Now those 15 new people are in YOUR Thunder Access "news organization" and guess what just happened? You are now PROFITING from the other nutrition company (your competition) and yet, you never had to join or promote the other company.

This will work with any product or service! Imagine going "Mega-Viral" because of this incredible concept.

It can take you from 2 people, to 20,000 people in your Viral Outreach™ FAST!

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